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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TicketTime handle ticket purchases without online booking?

TicketTime is a personalized ticket advisor service. You can simply contact us via phone or text to discuss your ticket preferences and inquiries. Our experienced ticket advisors will assist you in finding the best tickets for your desired events. We operate on a flat-based pricing system, which means there are no additional fees or hidden charges.

Are the tickets purchased through Ticket Time USA legitimate and secure?

Absolutely. We take pride in providing legitimate and secure tickets to our customers. As a trusted ticket advisor, we work directly with reputable sources to ensure the authenticity of the tickets we offer. Your ticket purchases are backed by our commitment to delivering a safe and reliable ticketing experience.

What types of events does TicketTime offer tickets for?

TicketTime offers tickets for a wide range of events, both in the United States and overseas. Our inventory includes but is not limited to sports events (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL), comedy shows, Broadway productions, music festivals, and concerts. Whether you’re seeking entertainment in the US or planning to attend an event abroad, we’re here to assist you in accessing a diverse array of events. Feel free to inquire about any specific event you have in mind, whether it’s domestic or international, and our dedicated ticket advisors will help make it happen.

How do I contact TicketTime to inquire about tickets or make a purchase?

Contacting Ticket Time USA is easy! You can reach us by phone at (516) 588-8499 or by text at (631) 213-7675. Our friendly and knowledgeable ticket advisors are here to assist you with any questions, ticket inquiries, or special requests you may have. We’re dedicated to providing you with a personalized and hassle-free ticketing experience.